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What's Memon?
Memon technology was invented by Winfried Dochow in response to his developing cancer. He realised during his research that everything at the quantum level is energy and that information (which is energy contained within any type of matter) is passed out to the surrounding environment. This information can be either healing or disease-forming to living organisms.

Through a great deal of research he found that EMFs gave out disease-forming information which could be negated by a process of destructive interference at the information energy level of the cells. Memon destroys the pathogenic information that is carried by the EMF polluted signal, it instantaneously senses the pathogenic information carried by the EMF signal and then creates a complete mirror opposite  image of it which would eventually cancel it out.

I was introduced to Samir by a work colleague to help resolve some environmental issues with our home. My husband and I had already implemented some strategies following a previous diagnostic of the house, but unfortunately these strategies had not helped to reduce the health issues I was experiencing. I had been suffering from a collection of worrying symptoms, which as first seemed to be unrelated, but I know that they were in fact linked. My problems began a few years ago when we first moved into our home and I started to notice strange neurological sensations in my head - sometimes felt as stabbing pains, other times as flicking, nerve-type sensations, which often radiated through my whole central nervous system, causing overwhelming fatigue, brain fog and sleeplessness. At night, the symptoms worsened and after many, many months of worsening symptoms we were forced to temporarily leave our home until we were able to find help.

Samir came to our home and ran a thorough diagnostic of the space, which included high and low frequency detection, as well as grounding and geopathic issues, electrosmog and further tests on electrical appliances, etc. A number of significant issues were pinpointed, such as water veins and Hartmann and Curry lines that were causing issues in the sleeping areas of our home. High frequency points were also discovered. Samir put forward a clear and thorough diagnostic report, with recommendations on how to protect ourselves and our home, in both the living and working areas. Some of these solutions included a MemonizerCombi to shield against EMF's and geopathic stress, and portable Memons, which we ordered for our devices. Samir is extremely knowledgable in his field and also offered simple, straight forward solutions, such as using Ethernet cables, shielding and earthing mats in our work areas.

Since implementing Samir's recommendations, it is not an exaggeration to say that my life has been transformed. We are now living in our home permanently and I no longer experience the neurological issues I was suffering on a day-to-day basis. My sleep is slowly but surely improving and I finally feel safe in my home. Without hesitation, I would recommend Samir's services, which I believe are so vital in our modern day lives where we are exposed to so much environmental stress, both seen and unseen. Protecting ourselves and our homes has never been more important, and I am incredibly grateful to Samir for working with us, but more importantly, finding solutions that actually work.

Beatrice - France

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