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Dirty Electricity
Dirty Electricity
One of the most dangerous types of EMF pollution is “Dirty Electricity”.
This is when the electrical power lines and wiring within your home contain frequencies other than the normal 50 Hz electrical current (60 Hz in US).

Electronics have become more advanced, and the standard 50-60 Hz wiring system has become obsolete and can no longer meet the functioning capabilities of these devices and appliances. Because of this, developers manipulate the way modern electronics adapt to this system. They may apply three techniques as follows:
  1. Converting the alternating current (50/60 Hz AC) into direct current (low-voltage DC)
  2. Drawing electrical current intermittently by turning the power on/off
  3. Higher-voltage AC

These techniques, unfortunately, do interrupt the regular flow of standard 50/60 Hz AC suitable for most modern wiring systems. The anomalies that result from these manipulations create surges and spikes of electricity. People refer to these spikes as ‘Dirty Power’, Electrical Noise or ‘Dirty Electricity’.

These additional frequencies piggyback on the electrical wiring and radiate into your living environment.

Sources of Dirty Electricity
  • Solar System Inverters (converting DC power to AC power)
  • EV chargers (SMPS converting high current AC power to DC power)
  • PLC Smart Meters (sending data over the powerlines by adding additional frequencies)
  • Wireless Smart Meters that add pulsed frequencies to the powerlines
  • Some LED lightbulbs and Light Dimmer Switches
  • Electrical devices  that have a switch mode power supply (SMPS)
  • Wireless technology (all wireless frequencies conduct along copper wiring to some extent .

Dirty Electricity interacts with your body, causing the following health effects:

Headaches - Fatigue - Sleep Disturbances including sweating - Mood Swings - Tinnitus - High blood sugar levels - Cognitive Impairment - Heart Arrhythmia - Mood Swings - Weakening of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems - Increased risk of serious chronic illnesses such as cancer- Possible links with ADHD - like symptoms
For more information on dirty electricity, read Dr. Sam Milham’s book “Dirty Electricity" - click here to acess link

During our EMF survey, we will check all levels of DE inside your house and advise on the best course of action. We source different solutions  for DE from different business partners and before we propose anything, we must ensure we strike a balance between total cost and practicality of the solution, the inconvenience it may cause and the efficacy of it all.
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