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Healthy Sleeping
How about if you had your own physiotherapist at home for 7 to 8 hours … and still got to sleep?
Introducing the GEOVITAL Theravital mattress with stretch effect  - The mattress that does something for you …

GEOVITAL theravital mattress with stretch effect to prevent and relieve back pain.

The slanted slats are folded down by the body’s weight. As a result, there is a lengthening of the path to the top and bottom and a stretching effect is created according to the body weight.

The goal is to shift the pressure of the spine into the negative area. When lying down to -o.8 to -1 kg pull.

Therapy stretch mattress – developed to support:
  • Disc problems and herniated disc
  • Chronic complaints
  • Skin diseases and allergies
  • Sleep disorders
  • Ischialgia
  • Joints
  • Cardiovascula
Bye bye backache on awakening.......
"After having back pain for many years and bought  attresses which didn’t help, and after Samir's recommendation,

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a Geovital stretch effect one.  It is the most comfortable and beautiful

mattress I’ve ever had.  I also love that it is made of healthy materials, does not conduct anything electrical, or attract microbes.  Bye bye backache on awakening. "

Lynne A - Lincoln
Unique  Geovital Foam
 Non Toxic
  • Anti-Intolerance & Biologically neutral

Correct Rigidity
  • Support to spine as needed with compression zones
  • Forgiving to side sleepers
  • Less pressure on chest

Anti-static & Toxin free
  • Anti-static, Anti-allergenic, Toxin-free, with low electrical conductivity and high air permeability.

  • Special cover that is suitable for people with skin and respiratory complaints, as tested by the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Made from cellulose fiber which feels great, is strong and is a renewable resource. It is also removable and washable!
Stretch Effect
  • Cooperative Effort with orthopedic specialists

  • Pressure in discs significantly reduced during regenerative sleep

  • Pannels collaps translate to gentle traction and support to lumbar region

  • Air Chambers bring unparalleled airflow and oxigination to your biggest organ; your skin.
GEOVITAL – intelligent bed system with a positive health effect...

  • The comfort mattress for pain-relieving sleep with automatic back therapy.
  • Panels collapse = gentle traction and support of lumbar region
  • Air chambers bring unparralled air flow and oxigination

Supportive radiation protection
  • The core material has been specially developed for use against mobile communications and electromagnetic pollution.
Back therapy included
  • Promotes nerve and intervertebral disc regeneration, ideally suited as a disc mattress
  • Different degrees of hardness, depending on the weight – soft / standard / hard
Optimal climate control and hygiene
  • Automatic climate zone with fresh air ventilation
  • High air exchange and mold protection thanks to high quality Tencel material
The 42 zone mattress that thinks …

Mattress was designed and manufactured in collaboration with orthopedic specialists in Austria with main aim to reduce pressure in the discs during regenerative sleep

Because each slat adapts individually to the body contour and the pressure conditions, as well as generating an individual pull, optimal lying is possible.

In addition, due to the outstanding results of the body-shaped comfort mattress,  core material and the slats have been adapted in such a way that the mattress adapts to “the sleeper” after a few months … which means that in the optimal case it gets a light shape.

This can be seen impressively by the user if you look over the mattress at the foot end and see where relief and support zones are recognizable.

Should you have any questions about the theravital mattress please get in touch to discuss your requirements and needs.

the Thravital mattress is customised and hand-made to order, it comes in any size and can be made thicker or thinner.

Please send your query at: info@emf-hunters.com

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