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Simple Solutions
Simple and straight forward solutions:
There are frequently a number of simple inexpensive solutions that can be taken to reduce EMF exposure immediately. These include:

1. Replacing DECT phones with wired phones: With cordless phones and the more common DECT phone charger and docking stations, the pod connected to the phone line radiates a pulsed microwave 24 hours a day and is often one of the worst offenders in your home for creating electro-smog. The handset transmits while it’s in use too, so it’s better to go back to corded phones or, if you really can’t manage without, then replace them with ECO-DECT-Plus cordless phones. These don’t transmit when not in use (saving electricity) and also significantly reduce the power output of the transmitters according to the level actually needed when in use

2. The WI-FI Router

There are frequently several simple inexpensive solutions that can be taken to reduce EMF exposure immediately. These include:

Turn off the router at night or hardwire the router with Ethernet cables and switch off the Wi-Fi function:

When hardwiring the router make sure you disable the wireless functionality of the router in settings.

The alternative solution is to use a router EMF shielding bag. With a router EMF shielding bag, you will be able to reduce radiation levels by 70-80% while maintaining adequate data speed.

Please get in touch if you need support or guidance on how to do this.

3- Switch off Electrical circuits at night:

For low frequency radiation consider switching off electrical circuits at night or  fitting demand switches to certain circuits. Demand Switches work quite simply by shutting off the electricity at the fuse box, , or meter.

For example, when fitted to the lighting circuit, when the last light is switched off at night , the Demand Switch shuts off the electricity to the lighting circuit at the fuse box.

4- Mobile phones: Minimize the use of your mobile phone, and keep it on airplane mode. When using a mobile hold it away from the body in loudspeaker mode or use air-tube headsets. please note that the safety instructions for mobile phones  (hidden in the small print of safety manuals that few read) prohibit using the handset within normally 15 mm or more of any part of your skin—not an easy thing to do! So, Keep your phone at a minimum distance away from your body and on speaker mode while the phone is in use.  If you must use a headset, do consider using an airtube anti-radiation type of headset  - This tube has no speaker, so there are no associated audio-frequency magnetic fields or microwaves and the voice sound is generated by a tiny loudspeaker at the other end of the tube.

5 -Turn off your wireless phone at night, when not in use and when in your pocket:

Never take the mobile phone into the bedroom at night. Night time is the most critical to have devices off so that sleep is not affected by EMF. Studies show disruption to melatonin cycles. The body needs to relax at night and not maintain adaptive stress mode.

See below what needs to be switched off when not used.

5. Every few minutes, a mobile phone interacts with local cell masts to confirm that the phone is within range of a particular mast to direct a call to. This is happening all the time, even when a phone is on standby — it’s on but not in use.

Should you want to minimize risk and reduce your radiation exposure significantly, you have to stop using a mobile — although this may be impossible for work and other day-to-day needs. So if you must use a mobile, whenever possible try to divert all mobile calls to your home or office landline phone when you’re at either place. Do, however, let people know your mobile isn’t on all the time, but that you’ll get back to them when you get their message or voice mail.
Finally, use the phone in strong-signal areas – you could see this on the signal strength indicator on your mobile - and especially not in cars, trains or planes—as the phone will ramp up transmitter power by up to a factor of 1,000 in poor-signal areas. You’ll also get a double whammy from the waves bouncing off the vehicle’s metal walls.

Do not hesitate to contact us at: info@emf-hunters.com should you have any questions related to the above recommendations or request a quoation on any of the above solutions.

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