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How did we do?

We cannot avoid living in this high tech world but there are many basic things we can do to reduce the harmful impact of this on the health and well being of ourselves, family and children.
I found Samir’s engineering background most helpful when doing electromagnetic radiation assessments both at work and at home. What is always so encouraging is that for every problem found Samir is able to suggest some practical solution and demonstrate using his professional meters the improvement in the readings.
Unfortunately the harmful effects of EMR are not easily seen heard or felt but the contrast when the solution is put in place is often quite remarkable. I have observed this especially in autistic children and many women who have a delicate and fragile constitution.
I highly recommend Samir for a EMR home assessment and many of my patients have been delighted with the service he provides.
Dr Shamim Daya


This is a review from a total sceptic about EMF! I have been suffering from a form of long glandular fever and long covid for a long time. Western medicine did very little to help (although antihistamines for long covid have been beneficial). I also see a holistic practitioner who put me in touch with Samir. I decided to give the canopy a whirl, as the low-frequency readings in my house were very high. I totally didn't believe anything would happen, but I was at the end of my tether and thought I would try anything. However, much to my amazement since Samir installed the canopy my health has significantly improved. I know it's not placebo because I was so sceptical, but I can trace back the start of my improvement to when the canopy was installed. The Western doctor hasn't seen anything like it in terms of his experience with long covid. The holistic practitioner couldn't believe how much my health had improved as well. I would highly recommend Samir and the shielding. I now have had my office shielded and my wifi plummed in, so I'm hoping to continue trending upward terms of health. If anyone is suffering with their health and doesnt know what to do, I'd highly recommend getting Samir out to check the EMF at your place and see what solutions he will offer. My symptoms were lots of fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches, inability to exercise, flulike symptoms, sore throats, headaches etc and now after six weeks of using the canopy I would say my symptoms are about 10% of what they were. I am exercising, working again I am just feeling much better.

Laura F - Loughton

Samir started to advise me mid year on two issues - my daughter’s resistance to understanding the level of EMFs she was subjecting herself to in her home, and secondly he helped confirm the specification work started with Leonard Stafford for my new build which starts this year. He also came to my current house to advise on connecting my laptop and devices to the existing hardwiring; he has been extremely helpful with this.

Samir managed to show my daughter Livinia who was completely resistant - that her WiFi router, smart meter and microwave - gave off very dangerous readings. This was no mean feat. He provided her with a WiFi protector bag. In terms of my advice he has been efficient and generous with his time. He is patient in his explanations and sensible in the solutions he suggests. As a previous telecoms engineer he has a thorough understanding of EMF problems and is intuitive and sensitive to different home situations.

Clare Sherriff - Henley-on-Thames

During the course of the survey which lasted more than 2 hours, Sammy made a detailed analysis of the levels and types of radiations inside my home whilst educating me on the health impact of each one of them and shielding solutions Sammy evaluated every room in my 3-bedroom house, as well as all my appliances, including my WiFi router, TVs, microwave oven, cordless phone and all gadget and devices that I have around my home. The Geopathic Stress mapping in my bedroom was insightful and the whole survey was a real eye opening experience! His investigations of and search for each and every source of radiation inside my home were very thorough.

I was very pleased with and impressed by Sammy’s attention to detail and due diligence as well as all the sophisticated meters he used during the survey. I would strongly recommend Sammy’s services for anyone wanting to create a healthy environment in their place and clear their house from the undesired and harmful effects of radiations. Having followed Sammy’s advise and implemented his recommendations, I noticed an immediate positive change in the quality of my sleep and my home felt healthier and calmer ever since. Excellent service. Highly recommended

Dina Lane - Cricklewood , London

Samir is an amazing EMF Consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience on all types of radiations – artificial and natural – and the  corresponding mitigation solutions. His assessment of my home was excellent and very detailed.

After implementing Samir’s shielding recommendations My home office feels safe and my shielded bedroom has become my sanctuary! would highly recommend Samir to anyone interested in finding out how to make their home safer.

Sandra Fitzgerald - London

After having some health symptoms that seemed to get worse whilst at home, I decided to contact Sammy from EMF Hunters for advice. I was having strange sensations including Tinnitus, Insomnia and tingling of the arms and legs and I wanted to rule out EMFs as a trigger.
Sammy was extremely helpful on the telephone and seemed very knowledgeable about the subject so I asked him to come here and do a survey of the house. He was able to see me quickly which was a relief as I was quite anxious about my domestic environment, particularly as I have a 3 year old son to care for and wanted to ensure that he was as safe as possible.
I have to say that Sammy was extremely professional and brought an array of meters and methodologies to do a thorough survey of my property. He measured and assessed the High and Low frequencies as well as the Dirty electricity levels and even the Geopathic stress levels in both of the bedroooms. The biggest surprise was that he was able to measure that I was carrying a high Body Voltage while I was in bed trying to sleep at night. We brought this level right down by switching off a few electricity circuits from the fusebox at night and now I’m pleased to say that most of my symptoms are much better. Also there was a fairly high reading of Dirty electricity in the circuit which Samir was able to bring right down by installing a couple of special filters to harmonize the spikes of electricity.
I would whole-heartedly recommend getting a survey done by Sammy in you’re home or office as, for a very reasonable price, he was was able to identify and then rectify any frequency related issues I had!

Faisal.K - Cheltenham

The future will be about fighting the electromagnetic pollution that is making us sicker and more vulnerable. Intellectually we knew about it but we had never considered using it until our 12 year old son was suffering from severe inflammation in his feet that rendered him in a wheelchair for over three months. We worked closely with Dr. Daya, in London, to treat the causes of his inflammation and within a few months of his treatment she prescribed us the EMF shielding canopy that blocks emf pollution. He was already improving, but within 2 weeks his progress was exponential. He would tell me: Mom I am feeling better every single day, I will be walking soon”. I couldn’t understand the extent of his improvement only he could feel it. Finally, he did start walking again, and we haven’t looked back. He also talks about sleep is deeper than before the canopy was installed.
We are so grateful to have understood the extent of emf pollution and having met Sammy to help us through this part of our son’s healing journey."

Yasmine. B - Portugal

EMF-Hunters has presently cleansed my house of massive EMF radiation. The benefits of this intervention has been felt immediately in my sleep pattern and general well being. The process is totally scientific and professional.

I would recommend  Samir Derrar  for his effective and comprehensive work.

Genie Lee - London

I highly recommend using Samir for your EMF & Geopathic Stress protection needs. Not only is he a delightful person, he has extensive knowledge about these topics & wants to help people improve their health.

I am  long term ill with a range of diagnoses. I inadvertently discovered that some of my symptoms are being fuelled by the increasing electromagnetic exposures in our environment. I had to move out of my home in London & after living a few weeks in a house in the countryside with very little 'interference' some of my symptoms dropped away (fibromyalgia, tinnitus, anxiety, numbness).

I decided that for extra protection I wanted a canopy as in our home there are still signals coming in from phone masts & so on. An acquaintance recommended Samir, who came & installed the full canopy kit & grounding sheet for me & showed my before & after readings, as well as the GS lines in the house. He explained how to remedy everything. I feel so much happier knowing I am getting up to 12 hours a day in my canopy without being blasted by health destroying signals (I sit & read in it at night). I recently accidentally ripped the material on my canopy & Samir sorted it out for me very quickly.

I highly recommend using Samir's services.

Zoe L  - Oxted, Surrey

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